Public Speaking Re-designed
The last course you'll need on Public Speaking

Learn how to give a powerful presentation in 28 days
Start Date:
November 25th, 2019
Spots Available: 28
You know when you see it.
AND it's not helping you get any better.

So why are you STILL wasting your time
searching on Google
"Tips on Public Speaking"?
Something else to keep in mind
Anyone looking for practical advice about "Public Speaking", "Getting better at presentations" or "How to overcome nervousness" won't find it with a Google Search.
We offer an alternative to the Overwhelm of information , based on experience, efficiency and hundreds of clients' results.
You get:
Actionable Advice
Real Techniques
Easy to apply & implement speech structure
Feedback Loop
Rehearsal Protocols
Efficient Q&A
And a bag full of other goodies.
"Call it Christmas came early this year"
Do you regularly give presentations?
Or, have the occasional speech, where you need to crush it out of the gate?
Are you worried you will send your public to sleep?
Do you want to give a presentation that sticks and brings results?
Are you tired of finding the same old answers on your google search?
This is where it all ends.
Or...where it finally starts :)
Even if you've never given a presentation before
Even if you're getting nervous every time
Even if you have no idea where to start
Even if you're very shy and want to run at the idea of speaking in front of an audience
Even if...insert your own reason you give yourself, just to avoid to show the world who you are
Talk to strangers.
Get funding.
Create interest for your project.
Get a promotion.
  • Impact: the purpose of your presentation and the target group
  • Structure: how to start and end your presentation and how to find an interesting outline
  • Attention: how to grab the audience's attention from the first second
  • Clarity: how to make them understand what you say
You'll be going Deep & Wide
diving into the nitty-gritty, and answering the genuinely hard questions, like:

- How do I start my speech, so that my audience sits up and listens and forgets about their FB feed?
- How do I manage a tricky Q?
- What do I do if I forget what my next point was?
- How to command respect from an audience that is more experienced than you?
- How to use humour?
- How to make my speech memorable?
And many, many more...

If you're not given a seat at the world's table.
Burst in and take it.
We'll teach you how.
You'll GET guidance that's
RAW, Transparent & ACTIONABLE
So stop messing around, Searching on Google, Asking Amazon Alexa or your Grandmother.
Join Actionable Public Speaking
About the course
* A series of 8 online classes that will guide you through the process of finally figuring it all out. Be it for a presentation that is 1 month from now or 5 minutes away.

Learn how to WOW your audiences.

Follow the classes at your own pace.
Keep them to refresh the "know-how" right before you jump into the cold water of giving a presentation.

From scary and nervous, we'll bring you to looking forward to a speech. And evermore, you'll enjoy it.

It will take your nervousness away.
Give you confidence
for the first time
you'll know exactly what to do.

** A 30 minutes follow up call with me:
- to polish up the rough edges
- solve a personal challenge
- give you advice on next steps
Online Course Modules
We will take you by the hand and guide you from the moment you know you'll have to present, how you have to plan it & how you deliver it for maximum impact.
Pre-planning & Research
Here we will show you how to do the research for your topic and plan for a powerful presentation
Speech Structure
Here we will discuss the structure of a speech and how to hist all the points in a logical sequence, while keeping the thrill of a powerful narrative.
Reverse Engineer your opening
A unique & conterintuitive method to start the presentation, yet one that delivers every single time when it's used.
You will learn a new kind of storytelling, used successfully from startups in hyper- growth to corporations.
Making your audience laugh, by adding a little humour will only add some spice and make them pay attention even more to what you have to say. Learn ho to use this tool for maximum efficiency, from warming up a crowd to using it all the way through.
Rehearsal & How to perform
Rightfully so, even the most successful actors, head of states or experienced speakers rehears their speeches, so they look fresh and from the top of their head.
To look spontaneous, you must rehearse and remember your speech.
How to answer Question
Here we will address the questions that come from the crowd & how to answer them, even when you don't know what to say

Bonus: How to deal with hacklers
Get a Standing Ovation
How to bring all the pieces together and get a standing Ovation at the end of your speech
Next Steps
And from here on, get the next steps on how to get better with every speech, so you can nail even that "proverbial" elevator pitch that comes your way.

Take pitching and presenting by the horns!!
Choose your poison
Roll up your sleeves and see what suits you bested let's get to work
The Quick Explorer
$ 98 USD
A 1.5h workshop, like a power nap, will get you all the essentials, that you can take with you, so you can nail your next presentation.
No fluff, no fillers, just the juicy meat.
The Gamer
$ 168 USD
Get access to the guided 8 modules online course and sail through the tools you need to master public speaking like hot knife goes through butter.
The Pro
$ 298 USD
Get 2 online sessions of 1 on 1 coaching, of 1.5h each, to cut through your milestones and get a personal touch down in the world of presentations.
Verineia Codrean
Executive Public Speaking Coach
I'm Verineia, Public Speaking coach for executives & startup founders and the founder of Speech Architects. I help entrepreneurs, founders, and executives prepare and deliver captivating speeches, from pitching to investors, wow an audience with a keynote, bring a crowd to explosive applauds & make them take action on what you need them to. I've worked with executives from banking to, renewable energy, founders of ambitious startups & Greenpeace' scientists and I've got them results like:

- Getting the attention (and funding) of VC's that were absolutely exhausted after a full day of pitching

- Overcome a crisis and respond to it with a powerful message to media

- Bring the audience to a standing ovation at a key industry conference

- Interact and attract the attention of government official through a series of successfully prepared speeches, simply because the message and delivery were so resonant & powerful

- Selling their services at the highest ever rate

- Get the job after a well prepared interview that made an executive standout in a pool of high competitive candidates