Present Like a PRO

Look at you, aren't you one curious cat?
Well, welcome then to the cliff notes of the Presentation you just attended and steal these points to nail your next Performance.
Transform every opportunity into a Performance
In today's world every single person is a storyteller:

- every photo you post on Instagram is a story YOU are crafting about yourself,

- every Facebook status is sharing a piece of yourself to tell your story.

Stages of your Presentation
How to start a presentation?
·Quote/inspiration/motivation/interesting fact/relevant information that's interesting/with a Question/Using Humour/interesting relevant historical event/powerful image

· How to structure your content:
Educational / Interesting / Relevant/ Different/So What
How to End your Speech?
Conclusion / next steps/Call to Action/quote/Thought provoking image/
How to beat your Fear
· Using Humour/Pauses/Involving Audience / To Read or Not to Read the Slides/ Changes in Delivery Tone/ Changes in Speed of Speech/ Smile/Using your hands/ Eye Contact/Stage Movement /
What to do if the audience is Bored
Interrupt pattern/ transition words/ stage movement / Humor/ tell a story/ Quote/ Ask a question
Practice & Prepare
To appear as authentic and impactful, always practice your presentation to guarantee Impact
The Entire WORLD is a stage

Knowing how to perform in life's high stakes situations is KEY
Go beyond the Myths of Presentations
Take every chance you get to become better at this craft
Myth #1
Learning how to be engaging in a presentation will make you come across as FAKE.
Myth #2
Content is King - It's enough to be an expert to deliver a great presentation
Myth #3
I'm better when I wing it
Myth 4
I don't do any presentations for now. It's still far away in my career to learn that or pay attention to it.
Fear of rejection & Playing it SAFE
The killer of any great performance

Craft a powerful Opening

You've got 30 seconds to interest your audience if it's worth their attention
Know it by heart and it will ease your way into starting the presentation with IMPACT
Use confident Language
Don't use negatives
Use action verbs
Be mindful of your language
Have a Go-to BIo
Introduce yourself
Who you are, what you do, why is it important

Why the Subject you're talking about is relevant

Body Language
Be mindful of your nervous habits
Eye Contact – aim for 70-80% eye contact
Tone of Voice
Smile/Hands/Stage Movement
Have a Killer Closing
Prepare an impactful Ending
Because that's what your audience will be left with
Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse
To come across as authentic you need to over-prepare
That will guarantee that regardless of the disruptions the show will go on & will lower your nervousness
Words to Avoid
- Uhm / like/ aa/...instead, exchange them for clean 1 second pauses
- So / all right / ok/
- Confusing language: actually/frankly, honestly, to tell you the truth
- Always (instead almost) never (instead use almost never)
- But/ however
- Not - instead use a positive statement
- Should
Be mindful of them and plan in advance HOW to avoid them
Reach out if you have any questions
Learning how to performs is no small task, yet when mastered, it will give you outstanding REWARDS
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