Meet our team

Above all, we are curious.

Curious about the world & how our clients connect to the future of tomorrow.

Curiosity leads to enthusiasm and we want to infect with it any piece of content that we create, and our clients get to take into the world.
Founder & Speechwriter
Public Speaking Strategist
With a degree in PR, Journalism & Communications she's worked closely with start-ups, non-profit organisations and long term legacy established companies.

Wordsmith, former theater actress, quick witted with sharp business skills. The one you'd like in your corner when you need to find the right words for a tech launch, a speech - to stand out at a high stakes conference, an important media interview or, vodka forbid, a PR crisis.

She's the one you'd want on speed dial when
you need to crush a presentation, want to stay ahead of the curve and way above the competition.
Creative Director & Photographer
Images catch our attention in a powerful way. It takes a piercing and creative eye to seize a unique moment. It takes a trained perspective to capture you or your business.

Experienced in shooting from cover stories for high end editorials to full on campaigns, he's your best bet when it comes to giving a new life to an overused image or refresh the scale.

A great cover or photo isn't just a selling point. It's what locks your clients in. He'll let you sit back, have a martini while creating the image force your brand needs.
Art Director & Photographer
Discovering a new line of thinking, create a new direction is his expertise, because your products or services aren't the only thing that should captivate. Your story is.

Done right, stories have the power to do extraordinary things. They make us laugh, they make us cry. They move us in ways we can't predict. They give us insights into different worlds and bring us all a little closer together.

Building a continuity to your brand story, that is relevant in the present day is his signature. In a world where everyone struggles to stand out, he'll add edge of boldness or a classic flow to your brand.
So you, can stand proud & tall to make your mark in the world.
With expertise in creative writing, journalism, theatre, marketing, PR, photography, art and brand storytelling - we will always find the right words to deliver your message spot on.
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