Tagline Development Process

Clients don't buy products or services. They buy a better version of themselves or their business through using your products.

Hence, in the development of the tagline process, those little bits of copy, that can give you headaches for days...or, worse, an excuse to put off launching for months (probably because there's so much weight on them), we take a wholesome approach to it.

After all, A Tagline is the sign on your virtual door.

However, we have a bit of a different approach.

It's all the rage these days to talk about your "WHY."

The Why is the new Cronut. Everyone wants one. Entrepreneurs and businesses are lined up around the block to get their BIG WHY.

We've been referencing to "People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it." But we are going to get contrary and assert this:

Way more important than your WHY...is your WHAT.
Isn't that what you're looking to find out when you land on a site? Hence what is a client looking to find out when they land on

What is this place? What do they do?
What kind of stuff do they sell? What's in it for me?

That's what your tagline, header copy, hero text, the words at the top of your homepage -- whatever you call it -- help establish.

No presh, right? If you're sweating over your tagline even more now, here's the good news:
The right line (set of lines) can REALLY help grab your ideal customer.
Even more: it will make you stand out & show them HOW you're different.
We won't let you drown in the sea of sameness.

They'll let your clients know, from the get go, that:

"This IS
exactly what you were looking for! Kick off your shoes, because....You. Are. Home."
Will your tagline make-or-break your business?

Heck no. People won't buy just because of it, and they won't reject you just because of it.

A bad tagline won't send people running, screaming "THE HORROR! MY EYES!"

But it is a waste of valuable real estate: that first part of your site that people lay eyes on. And wasting that real estate might make them lose interest and click away.

And a great tagline? Or even just a decent one?
That can get people saying, "Hallelujah, this looks like just what I needed."
Because, in the end, on the other side of that other screen, on that other business, is still a human being that wants you to solve his problem.

The Process
Before we dig into tackling your tagline, we will brainstorm the following:

Who are your ideal clients? Do you know exactly?

  • ➔They might be distinguished by a profession: Engineers, Architects
  • ➔Or by a profession and an experience: Overworked engineers
  • ➔Or by a demographic: Shenzhen based engineers
  • ➔Or by something they aspire to: Aspiring drone pilots
  • ➔Or by a level of expertise in a particular area: Beginner crypto engineer
In other words, what do you know about them for sure? You might name them outright (For overworked engineers who want better access to efficiently automated automotive parts) or you might call out to them subtly (Looking for ways to increase your factory floor productivity? There's a better fit for your talents.)

    What does your ideal client want (that you can offer)?

    • Think in terms of benefits, not process or features. For example:

    ➔To find a way to lift heavy machinery while being agile, precise and quick
    ➔To do work that's as fun and effortless as hanging out with friends
    ➔To look back at age 90 and say, I lived the exact life I wanted
    ➔To dress like they stepped out of Vogue
    ➔To build an Ikea bed and have the robot handing you parts recognizing them by your voice commands
    ➔To include collaborative robotics, while keeping the cost low
    ➔To learn just enough horse back riding to cross Gobi desert
    ➔To find the perfect ratio between robotics and humans. Find the perfect co-worker of tomorrow.

      What's the outcome when your clients get that thing? (This might be implied, not stated - but it's good to know)

        • ➔ Complete a project in less time (or at a smaller cost)/Increase productivity
        • ➔ Minimize work hazard for skilled specialists in high stakes situations
        • ➔ Be starter in business (by automating elements of the construction/engineering process)
        • ➔ Increase the level of project complexity and have the automation paid off (Have automation paid off by increasing the complexity of your projects)
        • ➔ Make late stage adjustments (in manufacturing/engineering/ construction process) without increasing cost or causing delays
        • ➔ Go from small business to big business (with the right robot built for your needs)
          Let's make On Robot beat the competition, speak directly to clients' needs, and stand out as the first Go to choice when it comes to collaborative robotics.
          Find the right approach to show how by using On Robot, it will deliver higher & quality products together (human & robot) than separately
          Find the tagline that will highlight On Robot as the perfect co-worker (collaboration) of tomorrow for various manufacturing projects
          Eliminate the fears of hazard, outsource mechanical/ harder tasks to robotics and have more productivity, leaving humans the subtle, rewarding tasks, that'll bring better solutions, growth, bigger projects; etc.

          Corporate Value Proposition
          Highlight the values that make On Robot different, compatibility features and its benefits + smooth and easy usability (like a lego for robotics)
          + Highlight Benefits of Co-bots
          + Include answers to potential objections (fears)
          + Show possibilities
          To train a robot you have to do a lot of "hand-holding".
          The taglines will show how easy Fine manipulation can become with modern robotics from On Robot.

          Product Value Proposition
          Tagline that catch attention and speak with power about On Robot's products
          2,450 Euro

          Tagline Development
          35% advance payment

          - Brainstorm Blueprint + Client's Input
          - Up to 5 rounds of Feedback & Changes
          - Feedback on taglines, value propositions & products taglines from a dedicated Reddit thread from users interested in Collaborative Robotics
          28 Days

          Turnaround time & Full Completion