Hey, Naomi
On the tennis court, you let the racket do the talking, and boy!!!! you are PHENOMENAL!!!!
BUT, as much as you might dread it, you have to do some talking outside the court too.

We'd love to coach you, like we do with many elite athletes, on public speaking, so you can confidently step into any interview or speech.
And you'll have a ton of those.

In just a few sessions, between 3 to 8 hours - designed & spread to fit your busy schedule, you'll master it with ease, like the tennis fundamentals.

We work with all of our clients under NDA's, hence no one has access to our list of clients.
About US
We work with elite athletes on how to be confident and know:
- what to say during an interview
- how to make a speech after a game
- how to come up with a short & sweet speech for a sport event
- how to be more confident & what to say at events where you go as brand ambassador for various companies you work with.

Many of our clients used to be very camera shy or even afraid of giving interviews. After assessing their needs, we customise a series of trainings to make them better at speeches.
We work them into our athletes schedules, so they feel it's like a breeze.

Let us handle what we know best, so you don't have to sweat this one.
Public Speaking for Athletes
1. Introduction
We set up a video call to see if we are a good fit and how we can help the athlete in her/his interviews or speeches.
2. Training Design
We design a customised training based on the needs and time availability of the athlete.
3. Training
We work 1-on-1 via video or in person, based on athletes availability.
Follow Up
We work with the athlete until we both agree that we achieved the desired confidence & knowledge for her/him to step into any interview or speech she/he might have to give.
We provide additional service for speechwriting for when the athlete has a special event and needs help with writing the speech.
Weather you need us to come up with a clever joke to add into the speech or a good story, we will always have your back.
Being in Touch
We are always available for our clients for any additional questions, training, speeches, etc.
All the best ones have a speechwriter, from president Obama to CEO's and even the ones you don't know about...because we never tell.
Let us do our magic, Naomi, so you can do yours!
Advantages of working with us
You are in safe hands, because we know sports and how hard it takes to train. You can't loose time.
We are efficient & have trained many elite athletes, like you.
As a result, they are as confident in their speeches or interviews as they are in their tennis servings.

Only - it takes waaaaay less to become good at that.
#1 Body language & voice
So you know what to do with your hands when you speak or how to use your voice with more confidence, along with how to overcome nervousness & stage fear.
#2 Speech "making"
How to make a powerful introduction, and strong closing, what to say during the speech - so you always open your speech in a memorable way & everyone stops and listens...until the very end.
#3 Rehearsal & How to remember it all
We teach you the techniques that presidents of countries & companies use to rehearse & memorise their speeches, so they never forget, nor will you.
Naomi, I am so excited to be working with you!!!!
Verineia Codrean
Founder, Speechwriter, dragon boat & muaythai addict
Phone: +373 788 40 335
E-mail: hello@speech-architects.com