Mandarin Go is helping awesome businesses from Scandinavia communicate with their Chinese clients
We save you back and forth communication & a few extra evenings.
We help you gain happier days, a bigger revenue, and a wider net to cast.

About Mandarin GO
There is an unstoppable wave rise of Chinese travellers. You either learn to ride it, or drown under it.

Say Hello to your next best friend, Mandarin Go.
A professional translation Service for businesses that want to accommodate Chinese clients, minus the hustle that comes with it.

Even if the clients speak English, most of the time, it's at a limited level, for them to understand all of your services.

We help you set up an optimised page, translated in Mandarin, so it's all crystal clear, like mountain water.
Our cool rap sheet
We are based in Hong Kong. Meaning , we're a stone throw away from Mainland China, while being in the heart of Asia.
This gives us access to a badass team of professional translators, so you don't have to check with google translate and hope for the best.
With customers in Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway, there are a lot of awesome businesses that trust us. We help from tourist agencies to small businesses, that want cool people to come and check them out.
And if that means doing some translation voodoo, why not?
We're a well traveled bunch and versed into Western mentality, while getting an insider peak into what Chinese clients are really interested in. We are more advisors, than simply translators.
Your business wasn't born to do translations
It was born to create extraordinary experiences.
Let us handle the tedious, boring part,
you do what you know best.

You do you.
How we work
Let's start
It's as easy as opening a beer can.
You send us an email with a big hello and a link to the page that needs translation.
Working process
We'll send you a quote, a time line, along with some recommendations, if you need our curious nose into your business.
What is the result?
The result is a spot on page in Mandarin (or Cantonese), optimised for a Chinese client, that you can start using right away.
Our, easy like Sunday morning, contacts:
Phone: +852 5332 8854
2107-9, 21F, CC WU Building, 302-308 Hennessy Rd., Wanchai, Hong Kong