Kajal Naina's Jewlery
Bellow are the recommendations for the copy improvements
I recommend a change in the copy that appeals more to the emotional side, because we want to transform the website into a virtual shop, that will make a visitor as connected with the brand and its jewellery pieces, as they were if that would've been a physical store.
The appeal to the emotion will use a copy language that represents the brand at its best, while showing clearly how the brand stands out when compared to others.
The Content Copy
By category/blocks
  • Categories descriptions by type: For bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, brooch: Here I recommend that we work on some juicy descriptions highliting how different is a piece that elegantly wraps around your wrist, and why that is important. We will show how different categories highlight your elegance for a handshake or holding a glass of bubbles at an important event or meeting. Same will go for a brooch and how that can lift up a jacket to a statement piece, within seconds and go from date to night. And so on, for all the other categories.
  • Collections' descriptions: I recommend we create a description for each collection individually because it will show both the intention of each collection as well as the power of each collection, speaking to a different theme. See what we've done here: https://mindtheg.com/en/fabric-designer-collection-2019/
  • The custom design process: here we need to make a close emotional appeal, to make the process more poetic. Because designing a jewellery for someone, based on their character will need a very individual approach, and while the logistics are very important, the process in itself, needs to resemble more like the idea of a painting, suggesting it's art what you do, and make them see it as such, as opposed to just explain the steps, which are also necessary, but only secondary to the process.
  • Brand Story: Your story is really powerful. I'd only suggest a few small changes there.
  • However, I do recommend some major changes in the part of the "Jewellery", where we can truly help paint that unique picture in the mind of the reader/ideal client how your jewellery stands out and how it will make them feel more feminine and confident. The key words here being "feminine" and "confident". We will stress more the idea of what it actually means "a meaningful collection and bespoke items", because to you it makes total sense, but to someone landing on the website, we need to show it to them, and help them feel that, and transform that page into the virtual store, where along with the pictures and powerful storytelling we make them feel how the jewellery represents their dreams and aspirations, and are so much more than a simple piece of jewellery, it's a like a partner in crime, a signature of elegance, and how it will be the last stroke to show off their personality that they need.
  • ABOUT PAGE: I also recommend in splitting the ABOUT page in 2 sections: About the Brand/ about you, otherwise it keeps jumping from one side to another one. And it's good to greet the visitor off the website with the story about the brand and how it relates to them and their dreams. After catching them up with that, we'll introduce them to the person behind it - You - your experience, your expertise, your passion.
  • Web site design: For the website design I definitely recommend a more dynamic layout. There are some very affordable templates if you look on, that look absolutely stunning. Check it out at: https://www.squarespace.com There are some gorgeous designs that with some little modifications will speak into the heart and capture the attention of a visit right away.

EXCITED to see what you think and see how I can help best.

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