June 8th 2019 / 10:00–14:00

Public Speaking

Learn how to
prepare & deliver
killer presentations

You have a badass idea for a startup
You just created a brilliant presentation for your final semester
Or, you're getting ready to interview at this awesome company, you've been eyeing up, for over a year.

Presenting a project
Pitching your startup idea
Going to an interview

It all boils down to
you'll be presenting

And while I'll leave the "WHAT" to you
Let me show you
HOW to knock it out of the park when it comes to public speaking.

Let everyone else chill on a Saturday.
But you, you daredevil, are in for a wild ride.

Let me bring you to the other side.
Join the workshop
Main sections of the workshop
Learn through a blend of theory and practice
10:00–11:00 / Basics of public speaking
  • Overcoming fear of public speaking
  • How to master your body language
  • How to craft a powerful opening & closing
  • How to deliver a presentation and create impact
  • How to engage your audience and keep their attention in "your hand"
  • How to answer (tricky) questions
  • Various other little secrets, that very few presenters know
11:10–12:15 / Practical Application on Building Powerful Presentations
  • How to write your speech
  • How to memorise long speeches
  • How (and if) to use power point presentations
12:30–13:00 / Working on your Presentation (Individual work)
  • Write the script for a 1- 2 minutes presentation: Structure & Storytelling
  • Apply & Follow the Formula from the workshop
  • Practice the delivery and get ready for "your moment of stardom"
13:10–14:00 / Presentation Delivery & Feedback
  • Each participant will deliver their presentation
  • Receive Feedback (not a hot potato game, but practical and pointy advice on how to get 10X better)
  • Next steps (for the group & individually)
Verineia Codrean
Founder & Public Speaking Strategist
I wanted to introduce myself as a witty, interesting and
clever trainer, alas I wrote this instead.

Former student of FSPAC UBB & Founder of Speech Architects, a Hong Kong based agency.

I work with startup founders and save them from delivering boring pitches. I help them stand out in crowded industries and be in demand as an avocado toast on a Sunday brunch in LA, when meeting a Venture Capitalist.

I'm an advisor and trainer for top executives that don't want to send their audience to sleep with boring industry speeches or high stakes keynotes, add fun to their media interviews or even spice things up for a final quarter meeting.

I'm can't wait to bring this workshop to FSPAC students and teach them the inner ropes of killer presentations. So they can use it further, no matter where their path leads them after University.

Perhaps becoming my colleague or competitor?
I double dare you!
What skills are you going to learn?
Increase your confidence and overcome stage freight.
How to control your body language and showcase confidence in high stake situations.
Craft powerful presentations
How to write your speeches, their structure and other overlooked elements
Learn to understand your audience and how to interact with it
How to keep your audience engaged and how to interact with them
Short or long presentations, there's ONE rule to follow
How to deliver a powerful presentation, even when you have just a few minutes to prepare for it, and still keep your audience on the edge of their seat and begging for more.
Registration is open until June 7th, 20.00
We only have 30 seats.
Which means, you have to get your name on, quick!

Each participant will get a chance to prep and deliver a presentation + get individual feedback.

When you stand up to give a presentation, the audience already has certain expectations about how you will behave, and what you will say.

Learn the ropes of how to set up their expectations and deliver the best there is.

Str. Septimiu Albini nr. 12, GF.

+852 5332 8854
2107, CC WU Building, 302-309 Hennessy Rd.,
Wanchai, Hong Kong