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Are there ay hidden costs?
Naturally, you're wondering if the low cost, compared to your country, has any additional surcharges that will pop up later. During your free consultation, you will be explained in detail the suggested treatment plan, what options are available and the full cost implied that won't change during the process.
How can we ensure professional dental care, while keeping our prices low?
We manage to do this because of the low living costs in Moldova such as rent, salaries, utilities, etc.
It allows us to compete with any other European country on Quality, while keeping the Price at a fraction of what it would cost you in UK, Italy or Denmark.
What should I take with me?
It is important to take a passport and a password for the registration. Please do not forget to take fresh clothes and shoes.
How long does it take?
We advice the patients to send us an X-ray, prior to they arrival, along with the desired result. After analysing the X-ray and your desired treatment, we will send you an estimate cost, so you will know in advance what is necessary. We want to make sure that every patient is happy with the suggested treatment plan, so we will explain in all detail and answers all the quatrains via email/phone. Depending on the treatment plan you choose, we will advise you on the amount of days necessary for the trip, the number of visits to the clinic and other important details, so the entire process is clear and can be planned seamlessly.

What if I go back home and there is a problem? Is there a warranty?
We provide a 5 years warranty for our services.
Our specialists are also available via email / phone for any followup questions after you get back home.
How do I plan my trip / accommodation?
We have a collaboration with private apartments and hotels that offer a discounted rate for our patients. Depending on the number of days you need to stay for the treatment, we will help you arrange your accommodation.
How about local transportation?
Upon your arrival, you will have a car waiting for you at the airport, at no additional cost, so you don't need to worry about exchanging money right out of the gate, navigate local signs or speak local language. The car will also pick you up from your hotel, unless you're staying at the private apartments that are just 2 minutes walk from the clinic, which you can do easily without getting lost by yourself.
What about the time I'm by myself and need to navigate the city and don't speak the local language?
We will provide you, free of charge, with a local SIM card, so you can have access to a translator, available via phone, to help you with any questions while you are exploring the city.
Is there any fun stuff that I can do while I'm there?
We thought you'd never ask! Sure thing, there is. And if you want your friends back home to go wild, let us help you arrange a visit at the Guinness World Record largest wine collection in the world OR largest underground wine cellar, where you'll have to go by car to navigate the underground streets named after grape varieties like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc.
The wines from this little-known piece of land were loved by Emperor Nicholas II, King George V, Queen Victoria of Great Britain, and other European Royalties. Queen Elizabeth II was such a huge fan of Negru de Purcari that it was listed as court's favorite wine for quite a while.
I have work to do, or want to keep in touch with my family/live stream the process. Do you have good wifi there?
Brace yourself, because you're coming to the country with the Ultra Fast WiFi. We bet you didn't know Moldova has the 3rd-best coverage of super fast internet in the world, preceded only by Singapore & South Korea.
Is it safe to go to Moldova?
Moldova might be a small country and not so well known, but we are getting there. It is absolutely safe to travel here. Almost all young people speak english, so there is no way to get lost and visitnig the city is quite charming.
How much is the accommodation?
You can either look by yourself on airbnb or booking or go through us and benefit of a discount when staying at some of our hotel partners. A room in the hotel or a studio with kitchen is between 35-70 euros.
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