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Why trust & choose us?
Advanced medical technologies
Our technology & dentists are on par with any other European country & abide by all its standards.

What this means for you?
You will get the same quality & professional treatment as in any other country in Europe, yet at a fraction of the cost.
Qualified & attentive staff
Our specialists have top notch education and lengthy experience.
Our dentists attend key international conferences to stay up to date with the latest technologies & treatments.

What this means for you?
You will get individual approach, and recommendations based on latest available treatments & options.
Free Consultation
Our dentist will give you multiple treatment options, explain the treatment methods & exact steps to follow.

What this means for you?

You will understand every step of the way and be able to choose the optimal plan that suits your life, plan well your travel time & budget.
Smart payment options
We offer convenient options for patients who wish to pay in cash or online. Also, we offer discounts for certain groups of citizens. Get in touch for an exact quote.

What this means for you?
You don't have to carry all the cash with you, while traveling to a country you've never been to, worry about cards compatibility or high ATM withdrawal fees.
Quick response
We are getting back to all emails or messages within a 4-6 hours window.

You will be able to get an answer to all of your questions and plan the treatment in an efficient way, so it fits right into your schedule.
Planning the Trip
We will help you organise all the details of your trip.

You don't need to navigate hundreds of accommodation listings, wonder about the quality and distance to the clinic. We will help you with best flight options, accommodation and local transportation.
Our services
We provide latest technology procedures & treatments
Dental Hygiene
— Ultrasonic cleaning
— Air flow
Cosmetic Dentistry
— Veneers & Implants
— Teeth Whitening
— Composite bonding
— Porcelain crowns, bridgework
— Types of dental imperfections that we correct:

* Small inter dental spaces

* Dental trauma

* Asymmetric teeth

* Smaller or larger relative to one another

* Misaligned teeth arch

* Facial Disharmony

* Unaesthetic color enamel

Dental Prosthetics
— Implants
— Dental prosthetics with European Standards materials:
  • ceramic crowns (porcelain dentures with metal support)
  • prosthesis (crowns, bridges) Ceramic (porcelain) on the zirconia support,
  • prosthesis (crowns, bridges) Ceramic (porcelain) in hard metal (cobalt chromium alloy)
  • Ceramic veneers
  • composite, ceramic inlays
  • dentures fixed and mobile on dental implants
  • Mobile dentures (acrylic, elastic skeleton).
A specialty of dentistry that works with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by tooth pulp ( "nerve"), with the soft tissue inside the tooth.
Saving a natural tooth should always be the first choice for a dental treatment. When the doctor recommends a tooth extraction, ask if it can be saved using endodontic procedures, known as "root canal treatment".
Periodic prophylaxis sessions prevent:

  • installing gum disease caused by bacterial plaque
  • creating colonies of bacteria existing in dental plaque combined with carbohydrates derived from starch thus forming an acid that attacks tooth enamel and causes cavities
  • transformation of bacterial plaque into a deposit, that adheres to teeth called plaque
Dental Surgery
– Atraumatic tooth extractions

– Apical resections

- Regularisation of alveolar ridge

- Root amputation

– Gingival plastic surgery

- Sinus Lift

– Bone spreading and bone augmentation

Benefits of dental implants:

  • Prevents migration of teeth and gum retraction, stops bone atrophy, periodontitis
  • Alternative variant of dental prosthesis
  • Ensures mastication similar to natural teeth
  • It is biocompatible with the body
  • It has a rejuvenating face
  • Will make your smile look natural - hence, you'll love to smile more
  • It is a reliable & long term solution
Orthodontic treatment with brackets will bring your confidence back! As simple as that!
It will restore your face symmetry & aesthetics. Braces correct anomalies like teeth crowding in the arch, large inter dental gaps, etc.

Choose from our Invisible, Sapphire or Ceramic brackets.
Digital Radiology
  • reduction to 80% -85% radiation doses compared to classic radiography system;
  • shorter exposure time;
  • obtaining information in real time;
  • acquired image processing and archiving;
Dental radiography can view 2-3 retro elements and provides details undetectable upon a dental clinical examination, such as periodontal disease, dental caries in early stages of decay relapses, the presence of marginal secondary caries, cysts, granulomas, fractures, etc.
Instruments Sterilisation
We use sterilisation techniques & substances approved by the The European Union, according to international standards and requirements imposed by law.
Price List
Consultation - Free

Treatment Plan - Free

Local Anaesthesia - 7€

Traditional Dental implant (two stage) + abutment (Israel, Alpha Bio) - 240€

Metal Ceramic Crown - 90€

Metal Ceramic Crown on Implant - 120 €

Full Ceramic Crown, metal free - 240 €

Porcelain Crown on Implant - 300€

Zirconium Crown & Bridge - 240 €

Zirconium Crown & Bridge on Implant - 300€

Ceramic Crown with Gold insert-300€

Ceramic Crown with Chrome insert - 150 €

Cobalt & Platinum -

Porcelain veneers / restoration in pressed porcelain ceramic - 240€

Partial dental unilateral flexible prosthesis - 78€

Total dental or partial flexible prosthesis - 270€

Prosthesis with clasps -228€

Prosthesis with spherical locks -540€

Micro denture with attachments - 228€

Partial micro-denture with two attachments - 715€

Partial micro-denture with 1 attachment - 575€

Temporary crown - 10€

Dental Filings photopolymer composite /white fillings (tooth decay, caries) - 40-60 €

Periodontics with Root Canal obturation - 30-60 €

Root canal treatment with one root - 80€

Root canal treatment with multiple roots - 100€

Inlay-Onlay restoration (esthetical tooth reconstruction) with photopolymer - 75-140 €

Tooth extraction - 35€

Complex / atypical tooth extraction in need of surgical intervention - 70€

Professional Teeth cleaning - 65 €

Ultrasonic tartar removal and tooth polishing with air flow - 30 €

Teeth Whitening at home with custom made dental trays -125 €

Teeth whitening with Philips Zoom White Speed Lamp - 250 €

Panoramic Digital X-ray - 20€

Dental Jewellery/ Fixing of cosmetic element (Crystal) - 40 €

Sinus Lifting (maxillary sinus filling with organic material) - from 450 €
For teeth whitening

Get a beautiful & confident smile, so when that next meeting is up, you're sure to speak up

When you get any procedure done, you can benefit from our Autumn Special
Only until November, 25th.
Hurry up & get a beautiful smile for half price
Our clients love us
I've always been very nervous and expecting the worse from visiting dentist, but my appointment at Dr. Samson went smoothly and was stress-free.
They fit perfectly into the 1 week estimated treatment plan, so I could fly out when I needed to.
Luca Morelli, Bologna, Italy
Visited Us in October 2017 & July 2018
Best dental office in Eastern Europe! I was stressed because my local dentist gave me an expensive treatment plan. I was considering to give up on solving my issues any time soon because it would cost too much, back in the UK. I was searching on the internet for some alternatives and found First Dental MD. At first, I was sceptical, but as I got an estimated treatment plan, and had everything explained professionally, yet in plain and simple terms, I grew more confident. I'm very glad I trusted my gut and went with them.
Samuel Willson, Birmingham, UK
Visited us in January 2018
I've had multiple dental procedures done, but at the time I had my insurance cover it all. Unfortunately, I didn't get my dental covered with my new insurance and had to search for some other options. I heard from a friend that went to Dr. Samson 2 years ago, about the clinic. I called them up and explained my problem. They not only knew right away what needs to be done, but gave me 2 treatment options and never pushed me towards the more expensive one.
Sarah Lewin, California, USA
Visited us in September 2017
I had a problem with my teeth and could never smile with my mouth open. I have a very loving partner that gave me as a present, for our anniversary, a visit to this dental clinic. My life changed forever.
Alex Larkins, Northern Ireland
Visited us in April 2017
I travel a lot, create content for my youtube channel and IG. Being in front of the camera is like my second nature, yet I always felt very conscious about some teeth that were not straight. Even if my friends and family kept telling me that I don't need any changes and that my smile is perfect, it was always nagging me in the back of my mind. So, I decided to change completely my smile and contacted the clinic for veneers. I've researched a lot and contacted other clinics too, yet here I felt that I will be very well take care of and that they really know what they are doing.
Alexa Moore, Manchester UK
Visited the Clinic in September 2015
I was debating for quite a while about getting veneers because I always wanted that perfect smile that you see in magazines and on the red carpet, but paying tens of thousands of dollars was out of my budget. So I left sit there, as a faraway dream, that maybe will be possible in 30 years time. One day I stumbled upon this clinic, in this not so well known country in Eastern Europe - Moldova. The price for my dream smile was not only affordable, but just only 2 hours away of a flight. And I figured if they are good enough for celebrities, that don't need to scrap their last savings for such procedure, they'll be good for me too. The procedure was done very professional and my teeth were done right in terms of shaping as well as the color, that made them look natural, and not fake, so I don't end up looking like a plastic doll with fake ultra white shades
Anne Favreaux, France
Visited the clinic in April, 2017
I hated my teeth because I had small gaps in the front and more rounder teeth. I called them cartoon teeth. I was thinking I need to get braces, but after examining my teeth they recommended something else because my teeth were already perfectly straight and all braces would do is form gaps in the back of my mouth. They recommended bonding, which is what I got done. They just added over the teeth, shape, and polish. I also got the second shade because the white looked unnatural. I'm very pleased with the result, and they only need to be touched up every 7-12 years.
Alex Llan, San Diego USA
Visited the Clinic in November 2015
I wanted to fix my teeth like in ...forever. But it was too expensive and it'll always fall back in line of priorities, until I discovered them. I asked them a ton of questions to be sure I understand the process. How long they last ? Can you still eat all the foods you normally would like hot and cold? Does plaque still build up on them like your natural born teeth would? And many more. They answered all and then some, so I was crystal clear on the entire process, what to expect during and after. Can't recommend these guys enough!
Neem Rothenberg, USA
Visited the clinic in February, 2016
I was quite worried about going to Moldova, a country I never heard of before. I followed them quite a while and made a lot of enquiries that they always answered professionally and made sure it was all easy to understand and decide for me, shall I want to go with them. That has helped my decision!
Jonaah Adrezzi, UK
Visited in August 2016
I'm quite scared of needless and the injections I had to get for my implants were more terrifying than the procedure itself. They made me feel very comfortable and I barely felt the injection on the top, and the one on the bottom was like it never happened. My implants feel very comfortable, like it's nothing there and they got accepted in the family like rightful members.
Joanna Simson, UK
Visited the clinic in December 2016
Let's get one thing clear - I'm scared of dentists. And that's why I left all my dental problems until I couldn't ignore them anymore or else I'd end up in the emergency room. That also meant that I had way too many problems to fix and a hefty total that I couldn't afford. I had to find another solution than having my teeth done here in the US. I researched many dental clinics and send emails to a lot of them. I got the most efficient and professional reply for here and I was sold. Before I arrived I already knew what to expect because they saw my X-ray and told me what the process will be and how much time was needed. We went extra one day because they wanted to make sure that I'm comfortable with the changes in my bite and the overall feeling and I appreciated it.
Larry G., Seattle USA
Visited in May, 2015
It's fantastic. The technology the use is amazing. The digital panoramic X-ray done in house showed the exact problems I had and I got several options to choose from, while they were all explained in details. Very happy with the results and their professionalism. Already sending my mom there so she gets both a holiday and all her teeth done.
Sarah McKay, UK
Visited in October 2016
I wanted to make sure that when I have my veneers done, they don't look "fake","too big","too white" and etc. I was aiming for a natural look and didn't want anyone to know I've had anything done. They were very fast in answering all the emails and gave me a lengthy explanation of all the procedure during the consultation. I wanted to have 20 veneers, but the dentist told me I don't need more than 8 on top and 8 on the bottom and didn't try to up-sell even if I was willing to. They truly gave me the best advice and didn't stop until it was perfect in the smallest of details and I was absolutely happy with the results. Cheers guys.
Jamie L., London
Visited March 2018
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