Aren't you a curious monkey

If you're on this page it means that you always thrive for more. No matter what is available, you'll always push the boundaries and break through the glass.
Insider's scoop
Once a year we organise a hardcore hike in Himalayas, a muaythai camp in the isolation of Northern mountains of Thailand or a motorcycle trip in the raw nature of Ladakh where the road gets swollen between mountains and the sky. We have some of our most rebel & adventurous clients join us for an off-the-grid-mind-clearing experience.
We work with badass guides that curate mind blowing itineraries in restricted areas or trainers that will make you open up a physical power you didn't know even was there. Also - stress relieving.

Our clients described it in many ways: celebratory, fierce, unflinching, thoughtful, truthful, darkly funny.
If you want to get some adrenaline running through your veins, get total clarity on what you have to do next, challenge your limits & see how you can achieve so much more than you think it's possible - send us an email for details on the next adventure.
50% off for NGO's
We work with selected few NGO's in helping them achieve their goals through either copywriting or powerful presentation skills so their work & mission gets noticed.

We offer 50% off on all of our services as well as have some of our corporate clients that want sponsor the NGO's and direct some funds towards those projects in advance, so we can help them when they have a campaign or a new project to take off the ground.

We have worked with local & international NGO's including Greenpeace.
Strong Network
Giving the extent of our projects and worldwide reach, we always look for collaborators. Are you a photographer, graphic designer, web designer or developer?

Get in touch with us so we can add you to our network and connect you to our clients that are in need of your services.
We organise several times a year cross industry bootcamps where we collaborate with other experts to create value packed trainings on:
- copywriting & UX development
- cryptocurrency initiation, trading & presentation skills
- storytelling for health-practitioners
- architecture & tech / engineering the future

If you're interested in joining our bootcamps or are an expert in a future driving filed, get in touch so we can look at cooking up an extraordinary experience together.

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