Paid internships
At Speech Architects, we offer paid internships and select few candidates who are interested in learning more about a career in speechwriting & copywriting.

We are constantly looking for creative writers with a muscle for research and stomach for endless revisions. Our team is small, but can carry a mountain on its back.
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with your CV & a good slice of your writing, so we can savour a bite of your home-made apple pie with every word we read.
Selected candidates will be contacted immediately.
You've played with words and love language and its powerful usage.
You love research and don't back down from revision no.1, no.2,

You got inspired and couldn't sleep over a speech you heard. You always mentally think of ways to improve a boring speech, while you're listening to it.
You don't believe in synonyms
Every word has its own soul and path. A powerful and well chosen word can substitute an entire sentence. We believe in less is more, when it comes to powerful writing.
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