When you've got a business idea
we've got the words for it

Don't sweat the content for your website. Do what you're good at.
And leave it to us to write some hot converting copy,
like freshly baked croissants.
Hey there, Canadian network of bold entrepreneurs and rising stars in business.

Are you living in China, or some other "hot for business" Asian country?
Do you have a business idea, and just know it in your gut that this is IT?
You know you can make it work, and better yet, scale it to a worldwide (secret Canadian) domination, but dread the words that just won't come as great as they sound in your mind.

We've got you.
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  • "About Us" Pages - need to grab the attention of your potential clients and make them feel that you get them. As much as you think it's a page about you, it should be more about how you can help them be better.
  • Services Description - Your services/products descriptions need to be clear, make them excited and think to themselves "this is what I have been looking all along". We'll write up your services or products in such way that the only reply will be "shut up, and take my money".
  • Blog Posts - If you've got your website up and running and need help with writing blog posts, telling your clients about updates, new features, events, etc.
  • Newsletters - to keep in touch with your clients and make sure they don't feel that this is another yet boring newsletter, but actually open it and read it.
  • Email Sequences - for a launch that needs an email sequence that takes the client by the hand and guides them into what their next move shall be.
  • General Website Content - We'll help you map out strategically the content and write it for you, so it communicates clearly your brand, products and services and everything else that's needed to make you shine.
  • Your bio - For Social Media, for that interview you've given or where you need to simply plug in a short bio that quickly communicates who you are and what you do, so people remember it.
  • Taglines - You know those lines that follow up the name of the company, that explain briefly what a business does while being catchy, clever and even funny? Yup, those are called tag lines. We do between 10-50 tag lines for our clients, so they can choose one that resonates the best with their business.
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